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Parents’ ​experiences

Wildhood elevates parents’ ​experiences in high-end ​hospitality by entertaining the ​little ones.

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The challenge is real

Everyone spending time with kids knows the battle with screens is real. We create wildly attractive play ​experiences for hospitality and other out of home places. Our goal is to facilitate wholesome, offscreen play ​anywhere little people they go with little adult involvement. So you can finish that conversation, or coffee. ​Are you ready to play with us?

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Unplug & play

Imagine a world in which youngsters connect more with each other, their surroundings and themselves ​wherever they go. A world in which offscreen play rules because its fun, attractive and always at hand. ​Everyone goes home with a sense of fulfillment and happy memories. Like not so long ago, when the pile ​of bikes on the curb of a friend's house was the point of connection and not the electricity outlet. Are you ​ready to pay your Wildhood forward?

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What parents want

bert, 39, Amsterdam

When I can enjoy lunch and have ​a conversation while the kids are ​entertained, it’s a truly great ​experience for everyone.

Tania, 48, madrid

Even when there are other teens ​in the hotel, it takes a lot of ​encouragement to have them ​play together. They choose​ their screens, but at the end o​f the day they don't conn​ect with anyone and aren’t r​eally happy.

Sandro, 32, Barcelona

I wish my kids would spend the ​same quality time dining out as ​us. I feel bad letting them on ​their screens, but I also want to ​connect with my friends and ​have ​a conversation.

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Get in touch

We would love to hear about your place and space, so we can offer you a ​solution that will attract customers, have them come back with friends and ​get you real reviews.

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